Image of Dewdrops



Herbal drops for wonder and connection.

A plant and essence formula for restoring a child-like sense of joy, wonder, and imagination. For opening back up to self and others after a period of isolation.
For returning to your full aliveness and freshness, in deep connection to the Earth.

With fresh milky oats and rose infused in vegetable glycerine. With essences of turquoise, malachite, snowdrop, goldthread, shooting star, and green fairy orchid.

Essences by MOON BY MOON apothecary.

100% alcohol free + vegan.

Image of Coat my Nerves
Coat my Nerves
Image of THE SET
Image of Cum Over
Cum Over
Image of C U Later Dysphoria
C U Later Dysphoria
Image of Clear the Way
Clear the Way
Image of Come Undone
Come Undone
Image of Allergy Angel
Allergy Angel
Image of Sleep it Off
Sleep it Off
Image of Cold Hold
Cold Hold
Image of 🔥 Cider
🔥 Cider
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