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May 18th, May 25th, and June 1st ~ MONDAYS 6-7:30 PM EST

*Registration closes at 12PM EST on May 16th*

A three part class on plant + ritual support for holding us in grief + cultivating joy



We’re in a moment of great collective loss and transformation, and it makes sense that so much grief and despair is coming up for many of us. Sometimes it can feel like unbearable pain; sometimes like numbness. This class is an invitation for us to sit with the big feelings and let ourselves be held by the Earth. Knowing deeply that the grief work is also the aliveness work, we turn to plants and ritual as our guides to deepen our wells + walk between the worlds.

This three part workshop will include a combination of herbalism, plant energetics, writing + poetry, and ritual. We’ll then discuss specific plants that are supportive, with suggestions on how to work with them. Between classes you will also receive journal writing prompts + suggested tarot spreads. You’ll come away with a sense of how to craft your own medicines and rituals at home, to make that which will nourish + hold you in whatever way your heart needs.

WEEK 1: Learning the basics of making an essence! This will include going over environmental, plant, and stone essences, so that you can work with what you have access to at home and that which is calling you. We will learn the difference between essences + physical medicine, essence dosages, + how to preserve your essence.

WEEK 2: The shadow work: dwelling in collective grief and heartbreak, using ritual and remembrance and the wisdom of plants to witness and sustain us in the dark. We will (virtually) spend time meeting hawthorn and rose and ghost pipe and others.

WEEK 3: The joy work: cultivating our aliveness, gratitude; allowing ourselves permission to connect with our joy. We will hang out with mimosa and calendula and motherwort and others.

My hope is that we can be in the void together, drawn closer to ourselves and each other by bearing witness to our shared heartbreak. We already carry so much wisdom about how to get through.



Classes are: May 18th, May 25th, and June 1st ~ MONDAYS 6-7:30 PM EST

*Registration closes at 12PM EST on May 16th*

This class will take place on Zoom in three parts. I will send an email out to students with the ZOOM live call link on Saturday, May 16th at 7PM EST.

Sessions will be recorded for those who miss + sent out EOD within 72 hours of each class - but please try to be there in person for all sessions!

The recordings + worksheets are yours to keep forever.

You do not need any herbal experience or knowledge to take this workshop.

You do not need any materials except for a notebook, bowl, water, + a vessel (like a ball jar). If you want to preserve your essences, you’ll need alcohol, vinegar, or glycerine (we will talk about this more in class). If you have a tarot deck, there will be optional tarot prompts you can explore.



The total cost of the program is $145.

There are some spots available for scholarships for BIPOC / low income students. If you need financial assistance and are interested in one of these spots, please email jade@69herbs.com with the subject ANGELS - SCHOLARSHIP and we can chat.

Due to the nature of this workshop, refunds are not available.

If you are getting this as a gift for someone, please put their email address in the NOTES section upon checkout (the last step!)

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